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Future of work redefined. We automate human-to-computer interactions, empowering people and igniting human connection for a more meaningful and productive work experience.

Workers, by Altores

Empower your team with Workers, our AI Digital Employee platform, streamlining operations 24/7.


Bring ideas to life with Engineer, crafting bespoke apps that drive digital transformation.


Guide your digital transformation with expert consulting, securing a competitive edge.
Workers - AI Digital Employees

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Altores.
What Does Altores Mean?
Altores is the contraction of 'Alternative Ores,' symbolizing our mission to offer alternative resources or solutions in the technology sector. Our name embodies our dedication to innovative, sustainable alternatives that power businesses forward.
When is Workers Launching?
Workers, our flagship AI digital employee platform, is set to launch in by Q2 2024, ready to revolutionize how businesses automate their customer support, marketing, and administrative tasks.
Where is Altores Based?
Altores is based in Monaco, at the Monacotech incubator—a collaborative effort between Monaco's government and Xavier Niel, emphasizing our dedication to tech innovation.
How Does Altores' AI Digital Employee Improve Efficiency?
Our AI digital employees automate routine tasks, allowing human teams to focus on strategic and creative work, thereby enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.